Philadelphia Jury Awards $12 Million to Woman Injured in Utility Truck Accident: Defendant’s Lack of Accountability Influences Landmark Verdict

Philadelphia, PA – A woman has been awarded $12 million by a Philadelphia jury after being struck by a utility truck while crossing the street. The decision, reached on April 5, was heavily influenced by the defendant’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for the accident, according to Morgan & Morgan attorney Alex Hyder, who represented the plaintiff. The incident, which occurred in Philadelphia, resulted in severe injuries for the woman. The jury’s verdict reflects their belief that the defendant’s negligence was the primary cause of the accident. With the significant financial compensation awarded, it is clear … Read more

Appeals Court Supports Ohio Judge’s Ruling in Negligence Case Against Doctor Over Lack of Prenatal Care

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a federal judge’s ruling to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a couple against a doctor who they claim failed to provide adequate prenatal care. The couple alleges that proper care could have prevented their child’s health complications. The court’s decision came after the couple argued that the doctor’s negligence resulted in harm to their child. However, the judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to support their claim. In the original lawsuit, the couple asserted that the doctor failed to adequately monitor the mother’s … Read more

Hampton Woman Awarded $22,000 in Lawsuit Against Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail Over Lack of Toilet Paper and Fecal Matter Towels

Hampton, Virginia – A federal jury has awarded a Hampton woman $22,000 in a lawsuit against the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. The woman, Antoinette Weathers, claimed that jail guards denied her toilet paper for several days in 2022. Additionally, she alleged that the towels provided to her were “caked in fecal matter.” In addition to the compensation, the jail is also responsible for paying approximately $60,000 in attorney fees. Weathers, 63, was taken into custody in June 2022 to serve a three-week sentence on assault and DUI charges from York County. During her time in … Read more

Blind Man Wrongfully Evicted and Rendered Homeless Due to Lack of Reasonable Accommodation, Attorney Appeals Dismissal

Wilmington, Delaware – A wrongful eviction case in Wilmington, Delaware has been dismissed by U.S. District Judge Colm F. Connolly, prompting an appeal from the plaintiff’s attorney, Thomas S. Neuberger. The plaintiff, William Murphy, who is 56 years old and in poor health, had moved to Maryland instead of returning to his Wilmington home. Neuberger argues that the judge failed to recognize the duty of local governments to provide “reasonable accommodations” to individuals with disabilities, including court constables carrying out evictions. Neuberger contends that the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that reasonable accommodations be made … Read more