NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls for Modification of Sanctuary City Law to Deport Violent Criminal Migrants

NEW YORK CITY – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for modifications to the city’s sanctuary city law, suggesting that migrants who commit violent crimes should be eligible for deportation. Adams made these comments in response to growing criticism of migration into the city from both lawmakers and law enforcement. He has previously urged the Biden administration and Congress for additional aid to help migrants obtain work visas and secure housing support.

According to Adams, the majority of migrants in the city are looking for employment opportunities, and he finds it perplexing that the federal government is not allowing them to work legally. In his view, migrants should have the same right to work as those who have come to the country before them. However, Adams believes that those who commit felonies or engage in violent acts should not be allowed to remain in the city.

This call for a policy shift follows a series of high-profile crimes committed by migrants, including the recent shooting of a tourist during a store robbery in Times Square. New York City became the first to implement a sanctuary city policy in 1989, which meant that the city did not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. In 2014, this policy was expanded to prohibit the city from handing over migrants to ICE, unless there were exceptional circumstances.

Sanctuary city policies have been adopted by multiple cities across the nation, and they have become a focal point in the ongoing political debates surrounding immigration policy. Adams stands firm in his belief that individuals who repeatedly commit crimes in the city should not have the privilege of living there. He emphasized that those who tarnish the reputation of law-abiding migrants do not deserve to remain in the city.

To enact changes to the sanctuary policy, Adams would need the support of the city’s legislature. However, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams previously stated that there were no plans to initiate any modifications to the policy. In response to Mayor Adams’ remarks, Representative Troy Nehls of Texas criticized sanctuary city policies and argued that Democrats themselves would not want to live under these policies.

In conclusion, Mayor Eric Adams is advocating for changes to New York City’s sanctuary city law, proposing that migrants who commit violent crimes should be subject to deportation. Adams believes that while most migrants are looking for work and contributing positively to the city, those who engage in criminal activity should not have the privilege of staying. It remains to be seen whether the city’s legislature will support Mayor Adams’ proposed modifications to the sanctuary policy.