Pauly Shore Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Violent Attack at The Comedy Store Club

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Comedian Pauly Shore is facing legal trouble after being accused of involvement in a violent attack at The Comedy Store club over a year ago. Sean Kehoe and his daughter Kirra Lyn Potts have filed a lawsuit against Shore and The Comedy Store, alleging charges of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. The incident occurred during the pair’s visit to the Hollywood location of the iconic establishment owned by Shore’s parents, Sammy and Mitzi Shore.

According to court documents obtained by USA TODAY, Kehoe and Potts claim that Kehoe was violently grabbed, attacked, and dragged by the club’s security personnel. The lawsuit further alleges that Shore was aware of the planned assault on Kehoe and not only encouraged it but intended for it to happen. As a result of the attack, Kehoe suffered severe injuries and emotional distress, while Potts experienced emotional distress from witnessing her father’s injuries.

The lawsuit also accuses Shore and The Comedy Store of failing to intervene in the alleged attack and of having inadequate personnel to protect patrons. Kehoe and Potts argue that the security personnel hired by the establishment were unfit and incompetent for their duties. The father and daughter are seeking a jury trial and compensation for damages, including past and future wage loss and medical expenses.

The Comedy Store, founded in 1972, is a renowned fixture of LA’s Sunset Strip. Shore’s parents and screenwriter Rudy DeLuca established the club, with Mitzi taking ownership following her divorce from Sammy in 1974. In a 2020 documentary series about The Comedy Store, Shore spoke about his mother’s love and support for the club’s talent, emphasizing her nurturing instincts.

USA TODAY has reached out to representatives for Shore and The Comedy Store for comment on the lawsuit. This legal battle presents a significant challenge for Shore’s aspirations of an acting comeback, as he is reportedly working on a Richard Simmons biopic. The outcome of the case could have lasting implications for both Shore and the renowned comedy club.

In conclusion, Pauly Shore finds himself entangled in a lawsuit alleging his involvement in a violent attack at The Comedy Store. This legal battle not only shines a light on the incident but also raises questions about the responsibility of the establishment and its security personnel. With the court case pending, Shore’s future in the entertainment industry hangs in the balance.