Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Lizzo Heads to Trial: Dancers’ Claims Remain in Controversial Case

LOS ANGELES – Lizzo, the Grammy-winning singer known for her body positivity advocacy, is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by several former backup dancers. The allegations against Lizzo were made by Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, who accused the singer of harassment during their time on her Special tour and as contestants on “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls” in early 2021.

In a recent ruling, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marc H. Epstein dismissed some of the accusations, including a claim that Lizzo fat-shamed a dancer. However, he denied the singer’s motion to dismiss the entire lawsuit, leading to the case heading to trial. Lizzo, who denied all the allegations and announced her intention to countersue her accusers, has requested a jury trial.

In response to the ruling, Lizzo’s spokesman Stefan Friedman expressed the singer’s gratitude for the dismissal of some claims. He stated that Lizzo is a strong woman who uplifts others and spreads positivity, and they plan to appeal the remaining elements of the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs, on the other hand, are pleased with the judge’s ruling and are looking forward to conducting discovery and preparing the case for trial, according to their attorney Ron Zambrano. The allegations against Lizzo include sexual, religious, and racial discrimination, sexual harassment, demeaning visits to establishments in Amsterdam and Paris, false imprisonment, and assault.

The sexual harassment lawsuit against Lizzo brought forth a wave of allegations from others who had worked with the singer. While some employees expressed support for her, more dancers and even a former wardrobe designer and filmmaker accused Lizzo of mistreatment.

This case not only highlights the specific accusations against Lizzo but also raises questions about celebrities’ accountability for reprehensible conduct. The trial will offer further insight into the claims and provide an opportunity for both sides to present their arguments in court.

As the legal battle continues, Lizzo’s image as a champion of body positivity may be challenged, and the outcome of the trial will have implications for the music industry and discussions surrounding workplace harassment. The trial will also serve as a platform for addressing larger issues of discrimination and abuse in the entertainment world.

The trial date has yet to be scheduled, but both parties are preparing for the next phase of the legal proceedings. As the case moves forward, it remains to be seen how it will impact Lizzo’s career and the broader conversation on sexual harassment and misconduct within the music industry.