Morristown Settles $5.5 Million Lawsuit Over Mayor’s Alleged Improper Influence in Real Estate Deal

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey – A developer and the town of Morristown have reached a settlement of $5.5 million, putting an end to a lawsuit that accused the mayor of improper influence in a real estate deal. The lawsuit, filed by the Silverman Group, alleged that Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty interfered in a deal between the developer and the Deloitte accounting firm. The Silverman Group’s attorney, Joseph Fiorenzo, expressed hope that this case would serve as a message to public officials everywhere that such interference is unacceptable and carries real consequences. In response, Mayor Dougherty stated … Read more

Off-Duty Durham Detention Officer’s Estate Awarded $2.25 Million Settlement After Fatal Crash

DURHAM, N.C. – The city of Durham has reached a settlement with the estate of Brooke Lyn Maynard, an off-duty Durham detention officer who was tragically killed more than five years ago. Maynard, a single mother at 24 years old, lost her life when a suspect attempting to evade the police collided with her car. The settlement award will support Maynard’s daughter, who was just four years old when her mother passed away. The settlement agreement, which was initially confidential and reached in August 2023, granted Maynard’s estate a total of $2.25 million. Out of … Read more

Former Winnipeg Lawyer Accused of Treating Teen as Sex Slave in Lawsuit Against Estate

Winnipeg, Manitoba – The estate of a former Winnipeg lawyer is facing a lawsuit filed by a man who alleges that the lawyer befriended him at the age of 17, invited him to live with him, and subjected him to sexual abuse. The man, identified as John Doe in the statement of claim, accuses the late lawyer, Robert Dawson, of using his position of authority to create an environment of sexual assault. The lawsuit was filed in the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench in Winnipeg on March 26 against Dawson’s estate. Dawson, who was charged … Read more

Dramatic 20-Year Family Feud Over Multibillion-Dollar Real Estate Empire Ends in Billions in Damages and Equity Awards

Los Angeles, CA – In a high-stakes family feud, a Los Angeles court has awarded billions of dollars in damages to four brothers who accused their own sibling of stealing from their multibillion-dollar real estate empire. This courtroom drama, lasting two decades, delivered a final verdict that could rival any Hollywood movie plot. The saga began when Shashikant “Shashi” Jogani, a scion of the diamond trade, settled in Los Angeles in 1969 and ventured into real estate. By 1994, Jogani had amassed a portfolio worth an estimated $375 million, but disaster struck when the Northridge … Read more