Study Shows Strong Gun Control Laws Like California and New York Could Save Nearly 300,000 Lives in the Next Decade

According to a recent study by Everytown for Gun Safety, nearly 300,000 lives could be saved from the nation’s wave of gun violence over the next decade if every US state enacted gun control laws similar to those in California and New York. This study provides the first estimate that offers insight into the potential life-saving impact of stronger gun laws across the country. The study ranks the 50 states based on the strength of their gun laws in 2023 compared to their gun death rates.

California and New York emerged as the top-ranking states for gun safety, boasting some of the lowest rates of gun deaths in the country. In contrast, Arkansas was ranked last due to the weakness of its gun laws and high rate of gun deaths. Everytown’s analysis revealed that states with stronger gun laws, such as requirements for background checks and permits to purchase firearms, secure storage of firearms, and the rejection of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, correlated with lower rates of gun deaths.

The study used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to assess rates of gun deaths in 2022 and compared them with state-level gun control policies. The research also weighed the strength of each state’s gun laws and their impact on gun deaths. It found that states like Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois saw their rankings improve after enacting new gun laws, including measures like universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

However, the study also highlighted states where gun safety weakened due to passing legislation that allowed people to carry concealed handguns in public without permits. Florida and Nebraska were among the states that saw a decline in their gun safety rankings as a result of such policies.

While the study reaffirms the correlation between weaker gun laws and higher rates of gun deaths, the National Rifle Association (NRA) maintains that gun control laws are ineffective in preventing gun violence. The barriers to enacting sweeping gun control legislation nationwide are often attributed to the influence of the gun lobby.

Everytown’s research has been regarded as a persuasive and compelling approach to understanding the impact of gun control policies on public safety. Experts emphasize the need for legislators to implement critical policies to prevent gun violence and protect communities. The study underscores the importance of recognizing the role that gun laws play in preventing gun deaths and highlights the potential for significant life-saving impact if stronger measures are adopted nationwide.

In conclusion, the study by Everytown for Gun Safety provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between gun laws and gun deaths in the United States. It demonstrates that states with stronger gun control measures have lower rates of gun deaths and emphasizes the need for lawmakers to prioritize public safety in their policy decisions. By enacting effective gun control laws, countless lives could be saved and communities could be safeguarded from the devastating impact of gun violence.