End of an Era: Leading San Antonio Law Firm, Watts Guerra, Dissolves After Thriving for Over a Decade

San Antonio, Texas – After over a decade in business, the reputable San Antonio law firm, Watts Guerra, has made the decision to dissolve its partnership. This unexpected breakup comes as a surprise to many in the legal community, as the firm was known for its prominence and success. The reasons behind the firm’s dissolution have not been disclosed, creating speculation and leaving clients and employees alike in a state of uncertainty. Watts Guerra, founded in 2001 by Mikal Watts and Frank Guerra, quickly established itself as a leading force in the San Antonio legal … Read more

Tort Lawsuits Hit Decade Low in 2022, But Surge Expected in 2023

Miami, Florida – The number of tort lawsuits filed in 2022 reached one of the lowest levels in the past decade, according to a recent report. However, the trend has already shifted, with an increase in tort cases recorded so far this year. The 2023 Torts Litigation Report, released by Lex Machina, a division of LexisNexis, revealed that there were 14,375 tort lawsuits filed in federal courts last year. This figure represents a decline from the previous year’s 15,799 cases and is the lowest number in 10 years, apart from 2013 and 2016, when 12,069 … Read more

Groundbreaking Study Shows California’s Gun Laws Could Save 300,000 Lives in Next Decade

Sacramento, California – A recent study conducted by gun safety group Everytown USA has confirmed the life-saving impact of California’s gun laws. According to the study, if all states were to adopt similar policies and match California’s gun death rate, an estimated 300,000 lives could be saved over the next decade. The study, released by the gun violence prevention non-profit organization, provides the first glimpse into the potential impact of stronger gun laws across the United States. With significant variations in firearm laws from state to state, experts see this estimate as a significant breakthrough … Read more

Study Shows Strong Gun Control Laws Like California and New York Could Save Nearly 300,000 Lives in the Next Decade

According to a recent study by Everytown for Gun Safety, nearly 300,000 lives could be saved from the nation’s wave of gun violence over the next decade if every US state enacted gun control laws similar to those in California and New York. This study provides the first estimate that offers insight into the potential life-saving impact of stronger gun laws across the country. The study ranks the 50 states based on the strength of their gun laws in 2023 compared to their gun death rates. California and New York emerged as the top-ranking states … Read more