Lawsuit Filed Against Minnesota Department of Corrections Over Cancellation of Christian Rehabilitation Program in St. Cloud Prison

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The Upper Midwest Law Center and True North Legal have filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Corrections over the cancellation of a Christian prison rehabilitation program. The program, known as Quest for Authentic Manhood, was a voluntary and Christian-based initiative offered to inmates at St. Cloud State Prison. According to the lawsuit, the program was abruptly terminated in July following a statement made by an assistant corrections commissioner. The commissioner cited the program’s alleged inconsistency with the department’s Diversity and Inclusion values as the reason for its cancellation. The … Read more

Federal Court to Rehear $111 Million Lawsuit Against St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates

MINNEAPOLIS – A federal court case that awarded a former St. Cloud State University student over $111 million due to permanent leg damage is set to go to trial again. St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates, the defendant in the case, has filed a motion for a new trial regarding non-economic damages. They claim there were errors in the evidence presented, attorney misconduct, and that the jury’s verdict was excessive and motivated by passion and prejudice. Anuj Thapa, the student who sued St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates, declined an offer to reduce the previous jury award of non-economic … Read more