Renowned Trial Lawyer Adam M. Moskowitz Shines in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Litigation, Leverages Expertise to Secure Victories

Miami Beach, Florida – Renowned attorney Adam M. Moskowitz has earned a place on the list of notable figures in the legal world. With a specialization in class action litigation and a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency lawsuits, Moskowitz has established himself as an esteemed expert in his field. His exceptional advocacy skills have consistently delivered favorable outcomes throughout his lengthy career as a trial lawyer. Among his significant accomplishments, Moskowitz successfully represented the crypto investor class in a class action lawsuit against FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried. This marked a significant victory in the ever-evolving … Read more

Legal Victory for Coinbase: Lawsuit Dismissed Regarding Cryptocurrency Transactions

San Francisco, CA – A lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been dismissed by a federal judge. The judge ruled that Coinbase was not responsible for losses suffered by investors during the Crypto Asset Management Fund’s collapse. The plaintiffs had accused Coinbase of aiding and abetting fraud, negligence, and violating California’s Unfair Competition Law. In the lawsuit filed last year, the plaintiffs claimed that Coinbase had allowed the fraudulent fund manager to use its platform to carry out illegal activities. They argued that Coinbase should be held accountable for failing to prevent these actions, resulting … Read more

EU Cracks Down on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Accounts, Pushing for Greater Transparency

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union has implemented stricter regulations on anonymous cryptocurrency accounts, enacting laws aimed at combating money laundering. These new regulations forbid the provision of services to anonymous accounts, requiring individuals and businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies to comply with anti-money laundering standards. The EU hopes this move will enhance transparency and prevent illicit activities facilitated by cryptocurrency anonymity. Under the new rules, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers will need to verify the identity of their customers, collecting information such as names, addresses, and dates of birth. Additionally, they will be required to … Read more

Pro-XRP Lawyers Challenge SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s Views on Cryptocurrency Disclosures

Washington, D.C. – As the legal battle between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rages on, pro-XRP lawyers have launched scathing criticisms against SEC Chair Gary Gensler, questioning his leadership integrity. Gensler’s recent remarks on the alleged evasion of public disclosures in the crypto industry have sparked controversy and drawn sharp rebukes from legal experts within the crypto community. Prominent lawyers such as MetaLawMan and pro-XRP advocate Bill Morgan have been vocal in their criticism of Gensler. MetaLawMan, in a recent post, cited Judge Shelby’s comments in a case involving the SEC, accusing … Read more