50 Years of Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law: Essential Developments Every Lawyer Must Be Aware Of

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — As Wisconsin’s Fair Dealership Law marks its 50th anniversary, it is vital for lawyers to stay informed on recent developments surrounding this legislation. The law, which provides protections to franchisees against unfair termination or non-renewal by franchisors, has had a significant impact on the state’s business landscape since its enactment. This article aims to delve into the key aspects lawyers should know about this historical law. The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law was enacted in 1971, making Wisconsin one of the first states to adopt such legislation. Its primary objective is to safeguard … Read more

Portsmouth’s Housing Crisis: Dillon’s Law Hampers Efforts to Mandate Affordable Housing in New Developments

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is grappling with a pressing housing crisis driven by various factors, including population growth, limited land availability, and escalating construction costs. However, the city faces a significant roadblock in the form of Dillon’s Law, which restricts its authority to mandate affordable or workforce housing in new developments. Dillon’s Law, originating from an 1868 Iowa court case, imposes limitations on local governments’ powers, allowing them to take actions only explicitly permitted by state law. In terms of housing policy, this legal restriction hampers Portsmouth’s ability to implement measures that promote housing affordability and … Read more

Future Implications of Key Legal Developments in 2023 Shaping Various Industries: From Rejecting Overly Ambitious PFAS Class Actions to Amendments of Federal Rule 702 on Expert Witness Testimony

Harriss Beach Attorneys Abbie Eliasberg Fuchs, Daniel R. Strecker, and Alessandra G. Ash have analyzed key judicial holdings and legal developments in federal court and tort hotspots across the country that have impacted the industry in 2023 and may shape the years ahead. They have shared potential implications for future cases in regards to these topics: – The Sixth Circuit has rejected an overly ambitious PFAS class action. – The Hair Relaxer MDL is proceeding. – Illinois now permits punitive damages in wrongful death cases and has increased the availability of expedited trials. – California … Read more

Charges Dropped in High-Profile Dallas Lawyer Murder Case: New Developments in Ira Tobolowsky’s 2016 Killing

Dallas, Texas – The capital murder case against Steven Aubrey, the man accused of the 2016 killing of high-profile Dallas lawyer Ira Tobolowsky, has been dismissed by prosecutors. According to documents filed by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, they dropped the charges against Aubrey after determining that they did not have enough evidence to justify a trial. Tobolowsky, who was the cousin of actor Stephen Tobolosky, was found dead in his North Dallas home during a fire investigation in May 2016. Detectives later discovered that someone had poured gasoline on Tobolowsky and intentionally set … Read more