Deaf Cheerleader’s Mother Files Lawsuit Against Elite Gym for Discrimination

PLANO, Texas– A Plano-based cheer program is facing a lawsuit from a mother who claims her deaf daughter is being discriminated against. The operators of the gym, however, deny the allegations. Alicia Mims, the mother, filed the lawsuit on behalf of her nine-year-old daughter Ari, who has been involved with Cheer Athletics for the past three years. The program is known as one of the largest cheer and dance facilities in North Texas. Though Ari loves cheerleading and finds it to be her favorite sport, she has been facing increasing challenges in understanding her coaches … Read more

12 Elite Law Schools Recognized for Innovative Teaching Methods to Bridge Skills Gap

NEW YORK (AP) – Law schools across the country are being recognized for their innovative approaches to teaching critical lawyering skills. Bloomberg Law’s Law School Innovation Program, now in its second year, aims to identify and honor these schools for their pioneering efforts in legal education. The program’s focus this year is on addressing the practical skills gap in traditional legal education. While most law schools adhere to the minimum mandates set by the American Bar Association for skills-based courses, there is a recognized disconnect between the skills students possess upon graduation and the skills … Read more

Elite Universities Settle Lawsuit for $118 Million, Accused of Favoring Wealthy Applicants

Brown, Yale, and Columbia universities have agreed to pay a total of $62 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them and other institutions of favoring wealthy applicants, bringing the total settlements in the case to $118 million. The settlements were disclosed by lawyers representing hundreds of thousands of current and former U.S. college students, who filed the lawsuit in Chicago federal court. Emory and Duke have also reached settlements in this case. The lawsuit, filed in 2022, alleged that the universities conspired to restrict financial aid by violating a pledge to not consider students’ finances … Read more