2024 NYF Advertising Awards Unveils Diverse and Esteemed Shortlist Jury for Prestigious Judging Process

New York City, New York – The prestigious New York Festivals Advertising Awards (NYF) has recently unveiled the distinguished panel for its 2024 Shortlist Jury. Comprised of industry tastemakers and innovative creatives, this esteemed group is recognized globally for their excellence and groundbreaking contributions. Hailing from top agencies across five continents, these professionals have a reputation for producing award-winning work. Scott Rose, the president of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards competitions, highlighted the vital role the Shortlist Jury plays in the judging process. By curating the shortlist, these experts pave the way for success … Read more

The Power of Compassion: From Judging to Illuminating in a World Full of Snap Judgments

New York, USA – In his latest book titled “How To Know a Person,” author David Brooks highlights a common tendency we all have: judging others upon first impression. This issue of sizing others up immediately is precisely what Jesus warns against in today’s teachings. He emphasizes that the temptation to pass judgment not only harms others but also has detrimental effects on ourselves. It is a clear message: if we judge, we will be judged. Understanding the struggle to break free from this trap, Brooks offers valuable advice on how to overcome it. The … Read more

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Maria Stephanos Joins Prestigious Judging Panel for Massachusetts ProStart Invitational 2024

Walpole, Massachusetts – Maria Stephanos, a well-known journalist and news anchor from Boston, will be making a special appearance as a guest judge at the 2024 Massachusetts ProStart Invitational on February 27th. The ProStart Invitational is an annual competition that brings together high school culinary and hospitality students to showcase their skills and passion for the industry. Stephanos, who has been a prominent figure in Boston’s news scene for many years, will be lending her expertise and knowledge to the participants as they compete in various culinary challenges. As a guest judge, she will have … Read more