Karen Read Seeks Dismissal of Murder Charge After Jury’s Alleged Unanimous Not Guilty Decision

CANTON, Mass. — Karen Read, who faces charges for the death of her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, has requested the dismissal of two of the three charges against her. This motion comes after a mistrial was declared last week in a case that has captured widespread attention. The charges include murder in the second degree and manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle under the influence. The mistrial, declared by Judge Beverly Cannone, left lingering questions as to the jury’s stance, which was not publicly disclosed. According to legal documents filed in Norfolk Superior … Read more

Jury’s Multimillion-Dollar Verdict Against White Nationalists in Charlottesville Case Partially Restored by Appeals Court

RICHMONd, Va. — Four years following the tumultuous and violent 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, justice has been sought through a pivotal legal battle. Recently, a federal jury determined leaders and groups associated with the white nationalist movement are liable for over $26 million in damages, acknowledging the physical and emotional harm inflicted on several individuals. This substantial judgment captured headlines mostly for its punitive damage component initially set at $24 million. However, this figure was later reduced significantly by a judge to only $350,000 shared among eight plaintiffs. In a turn of … Read more

Trump Secures $91.6 Million Bond to Cover Defamation Lawsuit as Jury’s Verdict Gets Appealed

New York City – Former President Donald Trump has obtained a $91.6 million bond to cover the judgment he owes to writer E. Jean Carroll in a defamation lawsuit as he appeals the jury’s decision, according to his lawyer. Attorney Alina Habba filed documents with the court on Friday, revealing that Trump secured the bond from the Federal Insurance Co., a subsidiary of the insurance company Chubb. The bond will not only cover the $83.3 million judgment in the lawsuit but also any additional interest incurred. Simultaneously, Habba submitted a notice stating that Trump, the … Read more

Landowners Appeal Ohio Jury’s Decision in Long-Running Royalty Case Against Drillers

Columbus, Ohio – A lengthy and contentious royalty case reached its conclusion in March, as an Ohio jury delivered its verdict after nearly four years of legal proceedings and countless filings from both sides. The case revolved around the absence of the words “Point Pleasant” in a lease agreement, resulting in drillers – including Ascent Resources, Gulfport Energy, and Rice Energy – gaining the upper hand over the rights owner, TERA II, LLC. Despite the lease not explicitly allowing drilling into the Point Pleasant formation, which lies on the border of the Utica shale formation, … Read more