Kansas House Implements Unprecedented Transparency Measures, Revealing Lobbyists Behind Bills

Topeka, Kansas – The Kansas House is taking steps to increase transparency and accountability in its legislative process. In an unprecedented move, the House now requires bills to list not only their sponsors but also the individuals or lobbyists who requested them. This new rule, established in January, aims to provide constituents with a clear understanding of the interests behind proposed legislation. Unlike the Kansas Senate and most other state legislatures, the Kansas House is the first to implement such a practice. While some states require lobbyists to disclose bills of interest in public reports, … Read more

Parents of Slain JSU Student File Lawsuit Against University, Alleging Neglect of Safety Measures

JACKSON, Miss. – The parents of a Jackson State University student who was killed on campus have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the university. Michele Hill Brown and Michael Brown are suing JSU on behalf of their son, 22-year-old Flynn Brown. The lawsuit claims that the university neglected Brown’s safety following prior incidents involving Brown and his roommate, Randall Smith, which ultimately led to his murder in December 2022. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation confirmed that Brown was shot and killed by Smith after a dispute over doughnuts in their dorm. Brown’s body was … Read more

Senate Unveils Bipartisan Immigration and Asylum Bill – Tougher Measures Aimed at Securing Borders and Providing Aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan

Washington, DC – Senators unveiled a long-awaited bipartisan agreement on Sunday that aims to impose stricter immigration and asylum laws. The $118 billion package includes provisions designed to address the surge in border crossings and to reform the overwhelmed asylum system. Additionally, the agreement provides critical aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, with Republicans insisting on tying such support to significant immigration restrictions. If passed, this bill would represent the most significant border security and migration overhaul in decades. The proposed legislation would raise the bar for granting asylum, facilitate the deportation of those who … Read more

Michigan Gun Laws Set to Change: One Year After MSU Shooting, New Measures Aim to Enhance Public Safety

Lansing, Michigan – On the one-year anniversary of the Michigan State University (MSU) shooting, new gun laws are set to take effect in the state. These laws, aimed at enhancing public safety, have raised debate among citizens and lawmakers alike. The Michigan legislation, signed into law earlier this year, includes several changes to existing gun regulations. One of the key provisions is the ability of individuals with concealed carry permits to bring firearms into gun-free zones. This includes schools, churches, and other previously restricted areas. Supporters argue that this change will better enable citizens to … Read more