Judge Kaplan’s Unyielding Control in Trump Defamation Trial Sets Stage for Dramatic Showdown

New York City, New York – In the high-stakes world of presidential trials, few judges can match the respected reputation of Lewis A. Kaplan. With decades of experience on the bench, Kaplan possesses a unique background that could make Donald Trump’s recent behavior in the courtroom potentially perilous for the former president. At 79, Kaplan is regarded as one of the most esteemed legal minds in New York. Currently, Trump is facing a civil case filed by writer E. Jean Carroll, who is seeking damages from him for defamation. Trump had previously made disparaging remarks … Read more

Robbie Kaplan’s Genius Question Destroys Alina Habba’s Argument in Trump Defamation Trial

New York City, NY – E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer effectively countered an argument made by Alina Habba, former President Donald Trump’s counsel, during the ongoing civil defamation trial. The trial, which took place over two days, aims to determine additional claims and damages owed to Carroll, a former Elle columnist, who already won a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Trump. Habba questioned Carroll about the online harassment and threats she received, arguing that they were not necessarily linked to Trump’s disparaging remarks. However, Carroll disagreed, stating that some of the harassment she experienced was directly … Read more