Shattering the Argument: CNN Host Expertly Exposes Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Flawed Docs Theory on Live TV

New York, NY – A CNN host recently challenged the argument put forth by a former lawyer for President Donald Trump during a live broadcast. The host debunked claims made by the lawyer regarding certain documents related to the ongoing investigation. In an intense exchange, the CNN host addressed the lawyer’s assertion that the documents had been altered. The host dismissed this claim, stating that it was widely known and acknowledged that the documents were authentic and unaltered. The lawyer had indicated that the documents in question were not to be trusted due to inconsistencies. … Read more

Marlborough Man Convicted of Horrific Machete Attack During Soccer Argument

MARLBOROUGH, MA – A Marlborough man has been convicted and could face up to five years in state prison after carrying out a brutal machete attack that resulted from a dispute over a soccer game. Abel Hernandez, 41, was found guilty of one count of making threats to commit a crime and one count of causing severe injury after a four-day jury trial, according to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan. Authorities reported that the incident occurred on July 9 inside a residence on Broad Street. Hernandez allegedly wielded a machete and swung it at the … Read more

Attorney’s Wild Closing Argument Compares Oxford Mass Shooting to Children’s Kitchen Knife Scenarios

Pontiac, Michigan – In a landmark case, Jennifer Crumbley’s attorney delivered a passionate closing argument on Friday, comparing the Oxford mass shooting to hypothetical scenarios of children killing people with kitchen knives. Attorney Shannon Smith made the argument to the jury for over an hour, drawing connections between Crumbley’s home life and her own experiences. She humanized her client, acknowledging that she too, as a lawyer, can become confused when faced with new information. The wide-ranging closing argument also touched on the charge of involuntary manslaughter against Crumbley. Smith drew a parallel between Crumbley potentially … Read more

Former Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Mortgage Fraud Trial Adjourned After Unusual Legal Argument Leads to Judge’s Decision

GREENBELT, Maryland – The mortgage fraud trial of Marilyn Mosby, the former state’s attorney of Baltimore, was adjourned early by federal judge Lydia Kay Griggsby on Wednesday. The defense had just begun presenting evidence when the judge ordered the jurors to return the next day for the trial to resume. The reason for the abrupt adjournment was not provided, but it followed a private discussion between the judge and the attorneys during the lunch break. Mosby’s defense team had made an unusual argument, stating that the prosecution failed to prove the alleged crimes occurred in … Read more