Alabama Man Wins $400K in Lawsuit After Neglect Leads to Foot Amputation in Prison

MOBILE, Ala. — A federal jury awarded a substantial sum of $400,000 to a man from Escambia County, Alabama, after he claimed a prison doctor neglected an injury that led to the partial amputation of his foot. The verdict was handed down this week, pointing to significant concerns about the treatment of incarcerated individuals. Canyon Duff Moye, who was serving time for theft at Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore from October 2019 through August 2022, alleged that the prison’s medical director exhibited grave indifference to his deteriorating condition. Moye, 28, from Uriah, initially suffered from … Read more

Aaron Judge Dominates MLB with Historic Performance, Leads AL MVP Race Amid Yankees’ Struggles

New York — After a sluggish start to the 2024 Major League Baseball season, Aaron Judge is once again turning heads with a performance reminiscent of his historic runs in previous seasons. As we near the midpoint of June, the New York Yankees outfielder is not only dominating the game but setting a pace that could eclipse even his own illustrious records. Judge, the 2022 AL MVP, has smashed 30 home runs and boasts a batting average of .310. These numbers are not just extraordinary for this point in the season; they are the kind … Read more

Louisiana Leads the Way in Effective Age Verification with Digital ID Program

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Age verification laws on the internet are undergoing significant changes as more states seek to implement stricter measures. Since 2023, nine states in the U.S. have passed laws requiring websites with a significant amount of content deemed “harmful to minors” to incorporate third-party age verification systems. While these laws primarily target pornography websites, some states are now extending the regulations to social media platforms. However, the effectiveness of these laws has been limited. In most states, companies have opted for geoblocking or restricting access to their websites instead of implementing age … Read more

Burger Law Faces TCPA Troubles Over Telemarketing Scheme Involving Third-Party Leads

ST. LOUIS, MO – In the world of plaintiff’s law firms, buying leads and engaging in telemarketing schemes is a common practice. These firms attend conferences like the esteemed “Mass Torts Made Perfect,” where numerous lead sellers vie to capture the attention of thousands of lawyers eager to purchase their leads. However, not all these endeavors go smoothly, as Burger Law has recently discovered. Burger Law finds itself entangled in a challenging lawsuit brought by an unrepresented plaintiff. The case is causing quite a stir. In a recent ruling, the court denied the defendant’s motion … Read more