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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Apologizes for Graphic Mix-up in Controversial Trump Case

Atlanta, Georgia – Fox News host Laura Ingraham issued an apology on Friday night after a graphic used during her show incorrectly identified attorney Terrence Bradley as Nathan Wade, the former special prosecutor who recently left Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ team. The graphic, which depicted Willis and Bradley on opposite sides of a broken heart with Judge Scott McAfee in the middle, aired during Ingraham’s opening monologue. The mix-up occurred amidst the controversy surrounding Willis’ handling of the election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Both Bradley and Wade are Black, adding … Read more

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Breaking News: Historic $2.5 Billion Settlement Reached for Over 82,000 Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors

HONOLULU, Hawaii – In a long-awaited development, a group of over 82,000 survivors of childhood sexual abuse recently reached a historic $2.5 billion bankruptcy settlement with the Boy Scouts of America and associated entities. The agreement, which comes after years of suffering and legal battles, marks a significant step towards justice for the survivors. The settlement, one of the largest in U.S. history involving a single organization, was reached as part of the Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy case. This case was filed in 2020 after the organization faced an increasing number of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse … Read more