Daytona Beach Church Fights Back After City Forces Closure of Vital Food Pantry, Lawsuit Filed

Daytona Beach, Florida – A small congregation in Daytona Beach finds itself at odds with the city’s zoning regulations, leading to the shutdown of its food pantry. Led by Pastor Ben Figueroa, the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Daytona Beach had been operating the pantry every Wednesday, providing assistance to hundreds of community members. However, the city cited a violation of an ordinance and forced the pantry to close its doors. Feeling powerless, the church is now working with attorney Chobee Ebbets to challenge the city’s decision in court. Ebbets, representing the church pro bono, … Read more

Philadelphia’s Mass Tort Programs Face Impending Closure, Kicking Off a Wave of Legal Changes in the City

Nearly half of the mass tort programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are slated to conclude this year, marking a significant shift in the legal landscape. These programs, designed to handle large numbers of similar lawsuits, have been instrumental in streamlining the litigation process and providing efficient resolutions for both plaintiffs and defendants. Mass torts, which involve multiple plaintiffs filing lawsuits against one or more defendants for injuries caused by a common incident or product, have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Philadelphia has been a hub for these cases, hosting numerous mass tort programs that specialize … Read more

The Mysterious Finale: Unexpected Closure of the “Hotel California” Lawsuit Sends Shockwaves

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A legal battle over the rights to the iconic hit song “Hotel California” has come to an unexpected conclusion. The lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Los Angeles, has now been dismissed by both parties involved. The lawsuit centered around a Mexican hotel called Hotel California Baja. The owners of the hotel had been sued by the Eagles, the band behind the classic song, over allegations of trademark infringement. The Eagles claimed that the hotel was falsely leading people to believe that it was associated with the band … Read more

Ohio State Student’s Lawsuit Over Campus Closure Goes Back to Appeals Court

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Supreme Court of Ohio has made a ruling that could have significant implications for an Ohio State University student’s lawsuit seeking a refund for the closure of campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a close vote of 4-3, the court decided that the Ohio’s 10th District Court of Appeals must reconsider the case. The central issue at hand is whether OSU is entitled to “discretionary immunity” for its decision to close the campus in the middle of the Spring 2020 semester while still retaining fees paid by students for the time … Read more