Landmark $22.5 Million Verdict: James River Church Found Negligent in Student’s Injury on Campus

Ozark, Missouri – A jury in Christian County has ordered James River Church to pay $22.5 million in damages following a 2019 incident that left a man injured on the church’s campus. Cooper Heishman, a student at James River College, was struck by a car while walking at night along a public access road near the church. The plaintiff argued that the church, which police confirmed owned the roadway, was negligent in failing to provide a sidewalk or adequate lighting. The lawsuit claimed that Heishman, who was 19 at the time, sustained severe and permanent … Read more

River District Lawsuit Exposes Sabotage Attempt by Five O Fore Golf Group Aimed at Disrupting Competing Topgolf Project

Following a lawsuit filed in River District, Charlotte, a local group called Five O Fore Golf is being accused of attempting to hinder the development of a rival project by Topgolf. The lawsuit claims that Five O Fore Golf, comprised of area residents, is engaging in deliberate actions to derail the progress of the Topgolf project. The lawsuit suggests that Five O Fore Golf is seeking to obstruct the establishment of the Topgolf facility, which aims to bring a state-of-the-art entertainment venue for golf enthusiasts to the city. Topgolf, a well-known golf entertainment company, plans … Read more

Victims and Survivors Seek Justice: Lawsuit Filed Against River City Firearms After Old National Bank Shooting Tragedy

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – The family of the victims and survivors of a shooting incident at Old National Bank has filed a lawsuit against River City Firearms, accusing the firearms retailer of negligence. The incident took place in Indiana, where the family alleges that the defendant’s failure to exercise reasonable care contributed to the shooting. The lawsuit claims that River City Firearms should have known that the buyer of the gun used in the shooting had previously been adjudicated as a mental defective. According to the family, this information would have been readily available to the … Read more

Frost River Resolves Movie Lawsuit through Mediation, Paving the Way for Amicable Resolution

ELY, Minnesota – Frost River, a popular film production company based in Ely, Minnesota, has recently decided to pursue mediation in an ongoing lawsuit. The company, known for its innovative and captivating movies, is seeking resolution through the mediation process to address a dispute related to the marketing of its latest production. The lawsuit, which arose after the release of the film, alleges that Frost River failed to fulfill certain marketing obligations outlined in the distribution agreement. As a result, the plaintiff, whose identity remains undisclosed, claims to have suffered financial losses and reputational damage. … Read more