Neglected Historic Black Cemetery Sparks Lawsuit Against Atlanta Homeowner’s Association

Atlanta, Georgia – A lawsuit alleges that a homeowners association in Buckhead is neglecting a historic Black cemetery adjacent to its property. Descendants of those buried at Piney Grove Cemetery are taking legal action to compel the Bluffs at Lenox Homeowners Association (HOA) to fulfill its commitments to maintain the cemetery. The lawsuit claims that during the era of segregation in Buckhead, Piney Grove Cemetery was one of the limited options available for Black burials. The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation suggests that many of the burials at this cemetery could be of former slaves. … Read more

New Decking and Catwalk Regulations in California Aim to Ensure Safety of Homeowners and Apartment Dwellers

Santa Clarita, California – Two new statutes, Senate Bill 326 and SB721, have been introduced in relation to decking and catwalks. SB326 specifically applies to homeowners associations (HOAs), while SB721 is targeted at apartments. These regulations aim to address the inspection and repair of exterior decks and catwalks in HOAs and apartments with three or more units. The need for these statutes arose following a tragic incident in northern California where a balcony collapsed, resulting in the deaths of six people. Investigations revealed that rotting timbers and faulty connections were common factors leading to such … Read more

New California Law Gives Homeowners the Option to Sell Accessory Dwelling Units Separately, Sparking Debate on Affordable Housing

San Diego, California – As 2022 begins, several new laws are taking effect that directly impact accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as granny flats or backyard homes. One notable law, AB 1033, grants cities the option to allow homeowners to sell their ADUs separately from the main house. The reception to this law is mixed, with some championing the opportunity it provides for affordable housing, while others express concerns. Raphael Perez, Chair of the Casita Coalition, an organization advocating for the construction of more smaller, affordable housing, supports the idea of selling ADUs separately. … Read more

New Study Reveals Potentially Fraudulent Practices Impacting Florida Homeowners Insurance Premiums

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — A new study commissioned by the Florida Legislature reveals a concerning trend in the state’s insurance landscape. The study analyzed 58,395 insurance claims that led to lawsuits in 2022 and found that a disproportionately high number of these claims occurred in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. This raises suspicions of potential fraudulent or abusive practices prevalent in these areas. Additionally, litigated claims were found to be more than six times more expensive than non-litigated claims, potentially contributing to the high homeowners insurance premiums in Florida. Florida Insurance Commissioner Mike Yaworsky expressed … Read more