Toronto Lawyer Faces Repercussions for Misconduct in Child Abuse Case, Ordered to Undergo Specialized Training

Toronto, Canada — A prominent Toronto attorney faced disciplinary action for professional misconduct after making contentious remarks in a legal affidavit. The lawyer had argued that a teenage girl involved in a sexual abuse lawsuit was not a child but a “sexually mature young woman.” The statement triggered widespread public backlash and prompted an investigation by Ontario’s legal regulator. Gary McCallum, the attorney in question, represented Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services in a 2018 lawsuit when he described the 14- or 15-year-old plaintiff in terms that challenged legal definitions of childhood. According to … Read more

Lawyer’s Fatal Window Demonstration Turns Tragic in a Startling Twist at Toronto Office Party

Toronto, Canada – In a tragic incident that stunned onlookers, a well-respected lawyer met an unfortunate demise during a seemingly impressive party trick gone wrong. Garry Hoy, a 38-year-old lawyer at the Toronto law firm Holden Day Wilson, fell to his death from the twenty-fourth floor of a Financial District skyscraper. Dabbling in engineering and specializing in building safety, Garry had developed a fascination with the strength of office windows. Known for impressing his peers with his ability to body check seemingly sturdy windows, Garry saw an opportunity to showcase his trust in the office … Read more

Toronto Senior Narrowly Escapes Serious Fraud Attempt With ‘Emergency Scam’

London, Ontario – A senior in Ontario was targeted by what fraud experts refer to as the “emergency scam,” a scheme that preys on individuals by creating a fake crisis to exploit their emotions and convince them to transfer money without questioning the story. Tom Szczesniak, a 76-year-old resident of Toronto, was almost scammed when he received a phone call from someone claiming to be a lawyer named “Alan Miller.” The caller informed Szczesniak that his son had been in a car accident, but assured him that his son was okay. The scammer proceeded to … Read more

The Inequity of Jury Pay: Toronto Lawyer Shines Light on Financial Barriers to Jury Service

Toronto, Canada – People in Ontario, Canada, are being excused from jury duty due to financial constraints, according to criminal defense lawyer Sid Freeman. Freeman, who has witnessed this issue in her 30 years of trials, argued that the poor, especially those facing lengthy trials, are rendered ineligible to serve on juries. This lack of socioeconomic diversity results in an unrepresentative jury system that fails to provide equal justice for all. Ontario’s jury pay is notoriously low compared to other provinces in Canada. Jurors receive no compensation for the first 10 days of service, $40 … Read more