Colorado’s Innovative “Portable” Background Check Law Fails to Deliver for Renters

Denver, CO — In an effort to streamline the housing application process and reduce costs for renters, Colorado implemented a law in 2021 allowing for the portability of rental background checks. However, the initiative appears to have fallen short of its objectives, with many renters and landlords continuing to navigate an inefficient and expensive system. Under the law, a renter can use one background check for multiple rental applications within a 30-day period. Proponents argued that this system would reduce redundant checks, saving time and money for prospective tenants. However, nearly two years later, significant … Read more

Exploring SCHY’s Complex Stock Selection Model: Innovative or Overengineered?

New York — Amid the myriad of investment options that span across borders, the Schwab International Dividend Equity ETF (SCHY) differentiates itself by specifically targeting non-US stocks with a robust history of dividend payment. Launched in April 2021, this ETF seeks out high-yielding stocks from the Dow Jones ex-US Large Cap and Mid Cap indexes that have demonstrated a consistent dividend payout for at least ten years. SCHY’s approach is methodical and detailed, deploying multiple stages of filters to select stocks. Initially, stocks must surpass certain market-cap and daily volume thresholds alongside a minimum indicated … Read more

Materra Triumphs at 2024 Avantex Fashion Pitch with Innovative Climate-Resilient Cotton Initiative

Paris, France—Materra, a trailblazing British startup known for its innovative approach to cotton production, has been honored with the 2024 Avantex Fashion Pitch award. This young company has made significant strides in developing cotton cultivation solutions that are both adaptive to climate change and rooted in fair trade practices. Founded in 2019, Materra has quickly distinguished itself through a business model that promotes transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. By connecting fashion brands like Mango, Ecoalf, and Positive Materials with cotton producers, Materra ensures that every link in the supply chain—from cultivation to consumer—is … Read more

July 2024 Breakthrough: How Artificial Lawyer is Reshaping Legal Landscapes with Innovative Tech

London, U.K. – As the calendar turned to July 2024, the world witnessed a significant milestone in the legal industry: the advent of fully autonomous ‘robot’ lawyers, an innovation set to revolutionize the landscape of legal services. These state-of-the-art machines, embedded with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), promise not only to enhance how legal services are provided, but also to make them more accessible to a broader audience. The use of AI in law is not entirely new; however, the introduction of fully autonomous robots programmed to perform complex legal tasks, including direct client interaction and … Read more