New Hampshire Seeks to Cap $38 Million Abuse Verdict to $475,000, Sparking Legal and Public Outcry

Manchester, NH — In a landmark case that spotlighted alleged abuses at a New Hampshire youth detention center, a jury awarded David Meehan $38 million for the traumas he said he suffered in the 1990s. However, the state Attorney General’s office announced plans to limit the compensation to $475,000, citing a governmental immunity statute. Meehan, now 42, asserted that while he was at the Youth Development Center (YDC) from December 1995 to January 1999, he was repeatedly raped, beaten, and isolated. His case is the first among potentially 1,500, alleging similar abuses spanning decades at … Read more

Government’s Attempt to Strip Climate Protesters of Legal Defence Sparks Outcry Over Jury Rights

London, United Kingdom – A high-profile climate activist, who was acquitted last year of criminal damage in a climate trial, is speaking out against the attorney general’s attempt to remove one of the last remaining legal defenses for climate protesters. The case is heading to the court of appeal on Wednesday, where the attorney general, Victoria Prentis, will argue that the defense used by the activist should no longer be available to climate activists. The defense in question, known as “lawful excuse,” allows defendants to argue that they had a lawful excuse for their actions … Read more

Alabama’s First Nitrogen Gas Execution Ends in Violent Convulsions, Prompting Outcry from Witnesses

MONTGOMERY, Alabama – The recent execution of Kenneth Smith in Alabama has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the use of nitrogen hypoxia as a method of capital punishment. Witnesses to the execution reported that Mr. Smith experienced violent shaking and convulsions as he inhaled pure nitrogen through a mask until he ultimately suffocated. While state officials claim that the process is painless, the distressing scenes witnessed during Mr. Smith’s execution suggest otherwise. The execution itself lasted at least 22 minutes, although the official time of death remains unknown due to the closure of the … Read more