Texas Governor Argues that Mayor Adams Should Sue President Biden, Not Bus Companies, Over NYC’s Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing criticism from Texas Governor Greg Abbott over his lawsuit against bus companies that Texas has paid to transport asylum-seekers to the Big Apple. Abbott argued that Adams should be suing President Biden instead, as it is Biden’s policies that have led to the influx of migrants into the United States. The governor called Adams’ lawsuit a “political statement” and claimed that it violates the United States Constitution.

Abbott stated that Adams’ legal action is baseless because all the migrants being transported to New York City have already been authorized to be in the United States legally by the Biden administration. The governor also suggested that Adams should be held responsible for the legal fees incurred in defending against the lawsuit.

Adams filed the lawsuit against 17 bus companies, seeking $708 million in damages. He accuses the companies of acting in bad faith while raking in millions of dollars from Texas. The lawsuit claims that the companies helped facilitate Abbott’s migrant-moving scheme, which has sent thousands of people from Texas to Democratic-led cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver.

The Adams administration has spent approximately $3.5 billion so far on the migrant crisis and expects to spend a total of $12 billion by the end of the 2025 fiscal year. Adams has taken other measures to address the issue, such as ordering bus companies to notify the city of their arrival and imposing restrictions on where and when they can drop off migrants.

Abbott revealed that he has sent eight letters to President Biden regarding the high number of border crossings but has received no response. In contrast, the US Department of Justice has sued Texas over a new immigration law that allows police to arrest individuals suspected of entering the country illegally. Abbott defended the law, stating that Texas is simply enforcing the laws passed by Congress.

In conclusion, the clash between Mayor Adams and Governor Abbott highlights the ongoing challenges faced by cities receiving an influx of migrants. Adams’ lawsuit against bus companies and Abbott’s critique of the lawsuit reflect broader debates over immigration policies and responsibilities.