Finland Enacts New Legislation to Restrict Migrant Entry at Russian Border

Helsinki, Finland — Finland’s parliament has recently enacted a law granting authorities the power to turn away asylum-seekers at the border in times of crisis, particularly focusing on the influx of migrants from Russia. This move comes as a measure to better manage migration and secure the nation’s borders as tensions and geopolitical shifts impact European boundaries. The legislation comes in the wake of increased concerns about the potential for large-scale unauthorized migration across the Finnish-Russian border, reminiscent of the situation in 2015 when Europe witnessed one of its most significant influxes of refugees and … Read more

Texas Court Thwarts Shutdown of Longstanding Migrant Shelter Amid Allegations of Unlawful Search Efforts

El Paso, Texas — A longstanding migrant shelter network in Texas received a judicial reprieve this week when a state district court judge ruled against the state attorney general’s efforts to shut it down, highlighting a significant legal standoff over the treatment of migrants near the Uroi Grande Valley, a flashpoint in the national debate over immigration. State District Judge Francisco X. Dominguez dismissed the attorney general’s demands for closure of several shelters operated by Annunciation House, citing a lack of substantive evidence and asserting that the request infringed upon constitutional protections against unreasonable searches. … Read more

Trial Set for Egyptian Men Accused of Smuggling in Deadly Greek Migrant Boat Incident

ATHENS, Greece – Nine Egyptian men, who were on board a migrant boat that tragically sank off the coast of Greece last year, resulting in the loss of countless lives, are now set to face trial next month. The individuals are accused of being involved in people smuggling, as stated by Greek judicial sources on Friday. The circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Adriana back in June continue to be a contentious issue between Greek authorities and organizations advocating for the rights of survivors and migrants. Thus, this forthcoming trial presents an opportunity to officially … Read more

Lawsuit Alleges Chicago Mayor’s Administration Withholding Public Records on Migrant Crisis, Impacting Public Trust

Chicago, Illinois – NBC 5 Investigates has filed a lawsuit against the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson, accusing the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications of withholding public records related to the migrant crisis. The news organization has been reporting on the conditions inside migrant shelters and environmental concerns at proposed migrant base camps, as well as tracking the public funds spent on the crisis. In an effort to obtain more information, NBC 5 Investigates submitted several public records requests regarding the city’s operational response, strategy, and conditions within migrant shelters. These … Read more