Texas Tech’s Pop Isaacs Ignites Controversy with 21-Point Performance Amidst Lawsuit Allegations in Big 12 Victory

AUSTIN, Texas – In a Big 12-opening game on Saturday night, Texas Tech’s Pop Isaacs led the Red Raiders to a 78-67 victory over No. 20 Texas, despite facing backlash over a recent lawsuit alleging sexual assault of a minor. Isaacs scored 21 points and became the target of boos from Texas fans throughout the game. After scoring a 3-pointer, Isaacs motioned for the crowd to quiet down by putting his fingers to his lips.

Isaacs, who is currently the leading scorer for the Red Raiders, found himself in the middle of controversy after being named in a civil lawsuit that claims an assault took place during the team’s trip to the Bahamas for the Battle 4 Atlantis in November. Despite the allegations, school officials have stated that Isaacs remains in “good standing” and will be allowed to continue playing. The university has also initiated its own investigation into the claims.

Texas Tech held a six-point lead, 69-63, when Isaacs made a driving layup that expanded their advantage. An emphatic dunk by Chance McMillian then pushed the Red Raiders’ lead to 10 points, setting them on course for victory. With chants of “Raider Power” filling the arena, Texas Tech supporters relished what could potentially be their last opportunity to cheer on their team against their Big 12 rivals, as Texas is set to leave for the Southeastern Conference next season.

On the opposing side, Tyrese Hunter was the top scorer for Texas with 20 points, but it wasn’t enough to secure a victory for the Longhorns. Ultimately, Texas Tech emerged triumphant and claimed their first win in the Big 12 conference this season.

Texas Tech’s Pop Isaacs played a key role in the Red Raiders’ 78-67 victory against No. 20 Texas on Saturday night, despite the ongoing lawsuit alleging sexual assault of a minor. Isaacs, who was jeered by Texas fans throughout the game, remained committed on the court and led his team to success. As investigations into the civil lawsuit continue, the Red Raiders maintain their focus on the basketball court, leaving the controversy behind.

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