Philadelphia Reaches Settlement with Gun Parts Manufacturers to Halt Sales of ‘Ghost Guns’ in Effort to Curb Gun Violence

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — In a significant development, two gun parts manufacturers have agreed to temporarily halt sales of their products in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. The announcement came as city officials settled their lawsuit against Polymer80 and JSD Supply. The companies were accused of perpetuating gun violence by manufacturing and selling untraceable weapons, commonly known as “ghost guns.” The lawsuit was part of a broader legal effort to restrict the marketing of assemble-at-home guns. According to city officials, Philadelphia filed the suit in July, citing the manufacturers’ reckless business practices that threatened public … Read more

Guns in WA: A Roller Coaster Ride – Sales Skyrocket, Then Plummet as New Laws Prevail

Seattle, Washington – A surge in gun sales in Washington has been followed by a sharp decline as new firearm laws come into effect. The recent changes have sparked a flurry of activity among gun buyers, with purchases peaking and then dropping drastically. The spike in sales occurred prior to the implementation of a set of stricter gun regulations, which were passed through a state ballot initiative last year. These new laws include measures such as enhanced background checks and an increase in the minimum age required to purchase a semi-automatic rifle. Gun enthusiasts and … Read more

UK Judges Call for Government to Cease Arms Sales to Israel, Citing Human Rights Concerns

LONDON (AP) – A group of judges in the UK issued a call to the government to stop selling arms to Israel, citing concerns over the country’s human rights record in relation to its actions towards Palestine. The judges argue that continuing to export weapons to Israel is incompatible with the UK’s commitment to international law and its responsibility to uphold human rights. The appeal, made by the UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) group, highlights the increasing pressure faced by the British government to reassess its relationship with Israel. The UK has a long-standing history … Read more

Cannabis Control Division Faces Lawsuit Over Unlawful Product Recall on 4-Year Anniversary of Legal Marijuana Sales in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Cannabis Control Division in New Mexico is facing a new lawsuit as the state marks four years of legal recreational marijuana sales. Instead of celebration, a local cannabis manufacturer has taken legal action against the division over a recent product recall. The manufacturer claims that the recall was “unlawful” and that the state did not follow its own rules in issuing the recall. According to Jacob Candelaria, attorney for Pharmers LLC, the recalled products were manufactured by his clients in the fall of 2022 and passed all required tests mandated by … Read more