Trump’s Attorney Accused of Misrepresentation in Delaying Trial Over $10 Million Defamation Case: Writer’s Lawyer Presents Contradictory Evidence

NEW YORK – In a recent development in the defamation case involving writer E. Jean Carroll and former President Donald Trump, Carroll’s attorney has accused Trump’s lawyer of misrepresenting the reason for requesting a trial delay. The lawyer for Carroll, Roberta Kaplan, submitted a letter to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, stating that Trump’s legal team cited a scheduling conflict due to the funeral of Melania Trump’s mother as the reason for the adjournment request. However, Kaplan pointed out that a campaign event featuring Trump was scheduled for the same day in New Hampshire.

The letter also noted that Trump had previously stated his intention to attend all his upcoming trials in person, including the one with Carroll. However, after the death of his mother-in-law, Trump’s legal team asked for a one-week delay so that he could travel with his family and attend the funeral. Despite this request, the judge denied the motion to adjourn the trial for a week, a decision that Trump criticized on social media.

Furthermore, Carroll’s attorney highlighted a misleading statement made by Trump on his social media platform, Truth Social. The letter clarified that Trump falsely claimed to have sought a one-day delay and suggested that the trial could have taken place months ago.

The trial will ultimately determine the amount of defamation damages that Trump may owe Carroll. This comes after a jury concluded last year that Trump had sexually assaulted Carroll. The funeral for Melania Trump’s mother is scheduled for January 18th in Florida, while Trump has a campaign event planned in New Hampshire on the 17th.

In the ongoing legal battle between Carroll and Trump, Kaplan’s letter accuses Trump’s lawyer of providing misleading information regarding the former president’s availability for the trial. With the trial now proceeding as scheduled, the court will determine the extent of the defamation damages owed by Trump stemming from the jury’s earlier conclusion that he sexually assaulted Carroll.