Osceola County Judge Publicly Reprimanded for Inappropriately Delaying Court Judgements

Osceola County, Florida – An Osceola County judge has received a public reprimand and will be closely monitored following an investigation that determined he caused inappropriate delays in issuing rulings for certain cases. The investigative panel discovered that attorneys began lodging complaints about Judge John Beamer’s delays in 2021, approximately a year after he was assigned to preside over domestic law cases in the Ninth Circuit. At that time, he was stationed in Orange County. The panel’s findings revealed that many attorneys involved in the affected cases scheduled hearings to request rulings from Judge Beamer. … Read more

Attorney Withdraws from Trial, Delaying Second Trial for Woman Involved in Fatal Crash

Sanilac County, MI – Theresa Gafken’s second trial has been further postponed as her defense attorney seeks to withdraw from the case. Patrick Politano, who began representing Gafken in September, has stated his inability to continue as her defense attorney due to taking on a new job as an attorney for Sanilac County. In his motion to withdraw, Politano has designated defense attorney Sharon Parrish to take over Gafken’s defense. As a result, Gafken’s trial has been rescheduled from March 12 to May 14, allowing Parrish enough time to familiarize herself with the case. The … Read more

Trump’s Attorney Accused of Misrepresentation in Delaying Trial Over $10 Million Defamation Case: Writer’s Lawyer Presents Contradictory Evidence

NEW YORK – In a recent development in the defamation case involving writer E. Jean Carroll and former President Donald Trump, Carroll’s attorney has accused Trump’s lawyer of misrepresenting the reason for requesting a trial delay. The lawyer for Carroll, Roberta Kaplan, submitted a letter to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, stating that Trump’s legal team cited a scheduling conflict due to the funeral of Melania Trump’s mother as the reason for the adjournment request. However, Kaplan pointed out that a campaign event featuring Trump was scheduled for the same day in New Hampshire. The … Read more