UK Judge Dismisses Donald Trump’s Lawsuit Alleging Defamation by Former Spy

London, UK — A judge in London dismissed a lawsuit by former US President Donald Trump on Thursday, in which he accused a former British spy of spreading false claims that damaged his reputation. The judge ruled that there were no compelling reasons for the case to proceed to trial.

The lawsuit was filed by Trump against Orbis, the company founded by Christopher Steele, the ex-spy who compiled a dossier in 2016 containing unverified allegations about Trump. The dossier gained significant attention and controversy before Trump’s inauguration, with the former president denouncing it as fake news and a political witch hunt.

Trump sought damages from Orbis, claiming that the company had violated British data protection laws. His lawyer argued that Trump had suffered personal and reputational damage as a result. However, the judge determined that the claim was meritless, stating that it was filed too late and Trump had not attempted to vindicate his reputation in the years since he first became aware of the dossier.

The ruling comes at a crucial time for Trump, as he is currently the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination while also facing legal challenges in both the US and UK. Steele, who served as a Russia expert for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, compiled the dossier on behalf of Democrats, including salacious allegations that Russians could potentially use to blackmail Trump.

In his statement, Trump vehemently denied the allegations in the dossier, describing them as “wholly untrue.” He refuted claims of engaging in perverted sexual behavior, bribing Russian officials, or participating in sex parties. Orbis argued that the report was never intended to be made public and was published by BuzzFeed without their permission.

The judge’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit signifies a blow to Trump’s attempts to seek compensation and damages. It remains to be seen how this ruling will impact Trump’s political ambitions and ongoing legal battles as he continues to navigate the complex landscape on both sides of the Atlantic.