Judge Dismisses Excessive-Force Lawsuit Involving Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

BISMARCK, N.D. – A federal judge in North Dakota has dismissed an excessive-force lawsuit filed by a woman from New York who was injured in an explosion during protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline. U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Traynor granted motions to dismiss the 2018 lawsuit on Wednesday and Friday. Sophia Wilansky, the plaintiff, suffered injuries to her left forearm when an explosive munition or flashbang went off during a clash between demonstrators and law enforcement officers on a blocked highway bridge in November 2016. The lawsuit named Morton County, its sheriff, and … Read more

Judge Dismisses Six Charges Against Trump and Allies in Election Interference Case, But Case Continues

Atlanta, Georgia – In a significant development in the election interference case against former president Donald Trump and his allies, a judge has dismissed six counts in the criminal racketeering indictment. Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court ruled that the charges lacked specific detail but decided not to dismiss the overall case. The dismissal is based on the argument that the charges failed to sufficiently explain the nature of the alleged crimes. In a nine-page order issued on Wednesday, Judge McAfee dismissed six charges against Trump and five co-defendants, including Rudy Giuliani and … Read more

Federal Judge Dismisses Texas Lawsuit Against Biden Administration’s Migrant Parole Policy

MCALLEN, Texas — In a surprising ruling, a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Texas against a Biden administration policy that allows migrants from certain countries to fly to the United States if they have American sponsors. The lawsuit specifically targeted a parole program that permits migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to temporarily live in the US if approved. Launched over a year ago, the program allows up to 30,000 migrants from these four countries to enter the US on a monthly basis. The policy has been praised by officials for … Read more

Federal Judge Dismisses Wisconsin Senate from Lawsuit Over Green Bay City Hall Audio Recording Equipment

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – A federal judge has dismissed the Wisconsin Senate from a lawsuit against the city of Green Bay over the installation of audio recording equipment as part of a city hall security system. The lawsuit, which has been ongoing for approximately a year, alleges that the recording equipment violated the privacy rights of visitors to city hall and has cost state taxpayers over $400,000. The lawsuit was filed in the weeks leading up to last year’s mayoral election, with individuals involved having close ties to Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich’s Republican opponent. … Read more