Unexpected Cancellation: Jury Duty Suspended for Judge Lagomarsino’s 13th District Court Panel

Lafayette, Louisiana – The 13th District Court in Lafayette has announced the cancellation of jury duty for the panel scheduled on Friday, Jan. 5. Judge James Lagomarsino’s court will not require any candidates to serve on the jury.

Candidates who were eagerly awaiting their selection for jury duty in Judge Lagomarsino’s court will now be relieved of this obligation. The cancellation of jury duty was announced through a public service announcement, providing advance notice to those affected.

No specific reasons were provided for the cancellation of jury duty in Judge Lagomarsino’s court. However, this decision could potentially impact ongoing court cases that were slated to begin on Jan. 5.

Jury duty is an important civic duty that allows individuals to serve as impartial decision-makers in legal proceedings. However, circumstances may arise that lead to the cancellation of jury duty, as seen in this instance.

It is crucial for candidates to stay informed about any changes or updates related to their jury service. This cancellation of jury duty serves as a reminder of the fluid nature of court proceedings and the need for flexibility among potential jurors.

While the cancellation may come as a surprise, it is essential for candidates and the public to remain informed and adaptable when it comes to jury duty service. The 13th District Court will likely provide further instructions or updates to affected candidates in due course.

In summary, the 13th District Court in Lafayette, Louisiana has announced the cancellation of jury duty for Judge James Lagomarsino’s court on Friday, Jan. 5. This unexpected development may have implications for ongoing court cases, highlighting the importance of staying informed and flexible as a potential juror. Candidates should remain vigilant for further updates from the court regarding rescheduling or alternative arrangements.