YouTuber Accursed Farms Takes on Ubisoft in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Abandoned Game: “I’m Trying to Save Games People Love”

Los Angeles, CA – A YouTuber and fan of Ubisoft’s popular game, The Crew, is gearing up to file a class-action lawsuit against the gaming company. Ross Scott, also known as Accursed Farms, claims that Ubisoft deceived gamers by selling the game under the premise of a “perpetual license,” but failing to deliver what was promised. Scott argues that The Crew was sold as a product, not a service, and accuses Ubisoft of rendering the game unusable and devoid of value post-sale.

Scott’s intention to sue comes after Ubisoft cancelled and shut down The Crew, leaving fans disappointed. While some fans have come to terms with the game’s demise, Scott refuses to accept it. He believes this lawsuit presents an opportunity to challenge the system and prevent other beloved games from being destroyed.

However, it remains uncertain if Scott’s bold move will succeed against the publishing giant responsible for Assassin’s Creed. The potential lawsuit is still in its early stages, with Scott collecting evidence from others affected by the game’s closure to gauge its viability.

Scott suspects that Ubisoft may propose a no-fault settlement, but he intends to resist such an offer. For him, this case surpasses the boundaries of a single game and company; it is about safeguarding the interests of gamers who invest their money in beloved titles.

As the lawsuit unfolds, Ubisoft finds itself on shaky ground, facing the ire of a disgruntled fan seeking justice for a seemingly broken promise. Only time will tell if this legal battle will bring about significant changes in the gaming industry.