Omaha Faces a Vibrant July: From Historical Family Farms to Explosive Arts Scenes and Judicial Challenges in Public Housing

Omaha, NE — As the Fourth of July approaches, Omaha residents are gearing up for a festive weekend filled with family gatherings, historical celebrations, and plenty of community events. Among these, a significant observance at a local family farm in Humboldt will highlight Nebraska’s deep-rooted agrarian history, honoring a family’s 150-year connection to the land. While many in Omaha look forward to holiday traditions, the city is also grappling with more serious and contentious challenges. The abortion landscape in Nebraska has changed drastically after a new law restricted procedures beyond 12 weeks of pregnancy. Since … Read more

Alabama Judge Deems Federal Corporate Transparency Act Unconstitutional: Implications for Businesses and Farms Nationwide

Montgomery, Alabama – A judge in Alabama has blocked the implementation of the federal Corporate Transparency Act. The act, which requires businesses, including farms, to report ownership and management details to the federal government, was deemed unconstitutional by the judge. However, it’s important to note that this ruling only applies to the plaintiff in the case, the National Small Business Association, and its impact on other businesses across the country remains uncertain. Legal expert Amy Ebeling from the Ruder Ware law firm in Wisconsin suggests that businesses with upcoming filing deadlines should still consider complying … Read more

YouTuber Accursed Farms Takes on Ubisoft in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Abandoned Game: “I’m Trying to Save Games People Love”

Los Angeles, CA – A YouTuber and fan of Ubisoft’s popular game, The Crew, is gearing up to file a class-action lawsuit against the gaming company. Ross Scott, also known as Accursed Farms, claims that Ubisoft deceived gamers by selling the game under the premise of a “perpetual license,” but failing to deliver what was promised. Scott argues that The Crew was sold as a product, not a service, and accuses Ubisoft of rendering the game unusable and devoid of value post-sale. Scott’s intention to sue comes after Ubisoft cancelled and shut down The Crew, … Read more