New Lawsuit Filed Against Companies Involved in Terrifying Boat Crash Near Port Miami, Leaving Multiple People Injured

Miami, Florida – A new lawsuit has been filed in Miami against the companies involved in a frightening boat crash that occurred near Port Miami last month, leaving more than a dozen people injured. Stephanie and Matthew Camarato were passengers on the Thriller tour boat on February 11 when they were struck by a 43-foot charter boat, the Obelix. Attorney Jack Hickey, who is representing the Camaratos, described the devastating incident, stating, “Everybody’s having a good time one minute. The next minute their lives are shattered, changed forever.” The lawsuit alleges that Stephanie Camarato, a … Read more

YouTuber Accursed Farms Takes on Ubisoft in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Abandoned Game: “I’m Trying to Save Games People Love”

Los Angeles, CA – A YouTuber and fan of Ubisoft’s popular game, The Crew, is gearing up to file a class-action lawsuit against the gaming company. Ross Scott, also known as Accursed Farms, claims that Ubisoft deceived gamers by selling the game under the premise of a “perpetual license,” but failing to deliver what was promised. Scott argues that The Crew was sold as a product, not a service, and accuses Ubisoft of rendering the game unusable and devoid of value post-sale. Scott’s intention to sue comes after Ubisoft cancelled and shut down The Crew, … Read more

Former President Trump Slams ‘Animals’ and ‘Bad People’ Judges in Pre-Trial Outburst

Former President Donald Trump criticized the judges overseeing his legal cases, referring to them as “animals” and expressing his frustration with the judge presiding over a trial set to begin this week. Trump claimed that the judge denied his request to delay the trial so he could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. However, the judge had actually granted Trump more time for the case. The specific judge Trump targeted was Manhattan federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is overseeing a defamation case against Trump brought by writer E. Jean Carroll. Trump accused Kaplan and other unspecified judges … Read more

Escalating Costs of Media Litigation Deny Access to Justice for Ordinary People

London, England – Media litigation in the English courts has become prohibitively expensive, leading to a lack of access to justice for ordinary individuals. The exorbitant costs associated with defending libel claims have a chilling effect on public debate and can bankrupt honest defendants. These costs deter media organizations from publishing important stories and restrict the ability of NGOs, freelance journalists, and victims of online smears to seek legal recourse. Litigation in the media courts often exceeds £1 million ($1.35 million), with some cases costing considerably more than that. The process is complex and time-consuming, … Read more