Alleged Shooter in December Murder of Darrius Wickware Moves Forward to Grand Jury after Preliminary Hearing

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The alleged shooter involved in the December murder of Darrius Wickware, Quinton Hampton, appeared in court on Friday for a preliminary hearing. During the hearing, enough evidence was presented to move the case forward to a grand jury.

According to witness statements gathered by the Bowling Green Police Department, Hampton and Wickware were engaged in a physical altercation prior to 3 a.m. on Saturday, December 30th. Witnesses stated that during the altercation, Hampton exposed his shirt and a gunshot was heard. However, no witnesses actually saw the murder weapon. After the initial shot, Wickware tried to seek refuge in a trailer but was shot again as he tried to escape.

Wickware was taken to Greenview Regional Hospital, although it is unclear whether he was still in transit or had already arrived at the hospital. Hampton was apprehended two days later at a trailer located on Memphis Junction in Bowling Green.

During his interrogation, Hampton admitted to being present on the premises and being involved in a physical confrontation with Wickware. However, he denied being the one who pulled the trigger. Hampton also claimed that he had no prior contact with Wickware, despite multiple witnesses on the scene confirming that the two were acquainted.

Following an extensive line of questioning from his attorney, David Graf, Hampton’s bond was reduced from $1 million to $750,000.

Police detectives from the Bowling Green Police Department emphasized that the investigation is still ongoing, but at the moment, there are no other suspects or persons of interest.

In summary, Quinton Hampton, the alleged shooter in the murder of Darrius Wickware, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. Witness accounts indicate that Hampton and Wickware were involved in a physical altercation, but no witnesses saw the murder weapon. Wickware was transported to the hospital and Hampton was ultimately arrested two days later. Hampton admitted to being present during the incident but denies pulling the trigger. The investigation is ongoing and no additional suspects have been identified.