High-Stakes Trial Set to Begin for Accused Shooter in Tyler Murder Case

TYLER, Texas – The capital murder trial of Zaccheus Keion Dunn is poised to commence on Monday in Smith County. After a thorough selection process, a jury was finalized on Thursday to hear the case against Dunn, 26, and his alleged accomplice, Dakevian Scroggins, 29. The charges stem from the fatal shooting of Christopher Eiglebiger at a residence on Crosby Street in Tyler in May 2021. Both the prosecution and defense, with the guidance of the court, have meticulously whittled down the pool of potential jurors from an initial count of over 150 individuals. Ultimately, … Read more

Father of Oxford High School Shooter on Trial for Involuntary Manslaughter: Jurors Deliberate on Verdict

OXFORD, Mich. – The trial of James Crumbley, the father of the Oxford High School shooter, is currently underway. Jurors are deliberating on the charges of involuntary manslaughter against him, in connection with the tragic deaths of four students in November 2021. After both sides rested their cases on Wednesday, March 14, jury deliberations began in the afternoon and are set to resume on Thursday morning. The trial has been closely followed, with livestream coverage available to the public. James Crumbley is accused of failing to take steps that could have prevented his son from … Read more

Father of Oxford High School Shooter Faces Trial in Oakland County

PONTIAC, Mich. – The trial of James Crumbley, the father of the Oxford High School shooter, is set to begin in an Oakland County courtroom today. The proceedings will commence with the selection of the jury, a crucial step in ensuring a fair trial. When considering the jury selection process, Michigan News Network legal analyst Charlie Langton believes it poses challenges due to the extensive media coverage of the case. Langton raises the question of whether it is possible to find jurors who can maintain an impartial view. While acknowledging that the case received national … Read more

Tennessee Woman Awarded Over $20 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Federal Jury Finds Shooter 100% Responsible for Harris County Homicide

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A Tennessee woman has been awarded more than $20 million in a wrongful death case by a federal court jury in Columbus. The civil case was filed in relation to the 2019 homicide of George Hale Bickerstaff III in Harris County. Michael Neely shot and killed Bickerstaff outside his home, but he was never criminally charged, citing self-defense. Bickerstaff’s daughter, Necole Vazquez-Klecha, filed a wrongful death suit against Neely and Bickerstaff’s younger sister, Elizabeth Ann Bickerstaff. The jury found Neely, Elizabeth Ann Bickerstaff’s common law husband, 100 percent responsible for George Bickerstaff’s … Read more