Beware of Bogus Jury Duty Scam Targeting Marin County Residents, Says Sheriff’s Office

San Rafael, California – Residents of Marin County have been hit with a new phone scam targeting those who fail to show up for jury duty. The scammers pretend to be staff members of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, making fraudulent claims that a warrant has been issued for not appearing in court. The scammers then demand payment for a “fine” or request payment through gift cards and other cashless methods.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to warn residents about this scam, stating that law enforcement agencies would never make such demands. They urged individuals not to fall victim to these threats and to report any incidents or financial losses to their office.

Phone scams are not uncommon, and scammers often use fear tactics to exploit their victims. It is important for people to be vigilant and skeptical when receiving calls requesting personal information or payment. Legitimate law enforcement agencies and courts do not typically request payment over the phone or demand payments through unconventional methods such as gift cards.

Scammers are creative and always finding new ways to deceive unsuspecting individuals. It is crucial for the public to stay informed and educated about the latest scams in order to protect themselves and their personal information.

If you believe you have been targeted by this phone scam or have provided any sensitive information or suffered financial loss as a result, it is recommended to contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident. Being proactive and reporting these scams can help law enforcement agencies gather information and take action against the perpetrators.

Remember, no legitimate law enforcement agency would ever demand payment or personal information over the phone. Stay alert and protect yourself from falling victim to scams like these.

In Marin County, residents have been targeted by scammers claiming that they have failed to show up for jury duty. These fraudsters pose as staff members of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office and issue false claims of arrest warrants. They then demand payment for a “fine,” often requesting payment through gift cards or other unconventional methods. The Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning, emphasizing that law enforcement agencies would never make such demands. Anyone who has been targeted or experienced financial loss should contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately. It is essential to remain alert and report any suspicious activity to prevent further scams.