Marin County Grand Jury Calls for New Justice Center to Address Outdated Detention Conditions

San Rafael, Calif. – The Marin County Civil Grand Jury has stated in a recent report that the county’s detention centers for adults and juveniles are outdated and insufficient for modern rehabilitation needs. The panel, after an extensive investigation, has proposed the construction of a new, advanced detention facility that could better serve the community and the needs of low-level felons and juvenile detainees. Titled “Marin County Justice Center: A Model for Change,” the report sharply criticizes the current conditions of the county’s jails, highlighting that they are worn and no longer meet contemporary standards … Read more

Beware of Bogus Jury Duty Scam Targeting Marin County Residents, Says Sheriff’s Office

San Rafael, California – Residents of Marin County have been hit with a new phone scam targeting those who fail to show up for jury duty. The scammers pretend to be staff members of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, making fraudulent claims that a warrant has been issued for not appearing in court. The scammers then demand payment for a “fine” or request payment through gift cards and other cashless methods. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to warn residents about this scam, stating that law enforcement agencies would never make such demands. … Read more