Chilean Lawyers Seek Justice: File Complaint Against Israeli Prime Minister for Crimes in Gaza

Amman, Jordan – A group of nearly 100 Chilean lawyers, mostly of Palestinian descent, has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The complaint alleges crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes committed in Gaza. Led by former ambassador Nelson Hadad, lawyer Rodolfo Marcone, and academics Roberto Mayorga, Juan Banderas, and Hassan Zeran, the group presented the complaint on December 22 in The Hague, with assistance from criminal lawyer Juan Carlos Manriquez.

The complainants, who belong to the largest Palestinian community outside of the Palestinian State, are demanding an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and other individuals responsible for these alleged crimes. Nelson Hadad stressed that these crimes have been ongoing for nearly 90 days, with indiscriminate bombings targeting the population of Gaza and destroying entire residential neighborhoods, without distinguishing between civilians and combatants.

Speaking with EFE, former Ambassador Hadad emphasized the importance of holding war criminals accountable, urging all countries to denounce them. He called for perpetrators to face punishment in accordance with the penalties of the Rome Statute and provide reparations to the victims. Several senators from the Chilean parliament, including Francisco Chahuán, Ximena Rincón, Paulina Vodanovic, Iván Moreira, Sergio Gahona, and Alfonso de Urresti, have joined the complaint, aiming to highlight the ongoing genocide, forced displacement, war crimes, and violation of international humanitarian law in Gaza. They also stressed the need for Netanyahu’s criminal responsibility and an immediate ceasefire.

In a related development, Kuwait issued a statement signed by 30 associations, leagues, unions, and parties, urging their government to join the lawsuit filed by “South Africa” against “Israel” before the International Court of Justice. The statement expressed astonishment at the international community’s silence regarding the crimes committed by the Zionist occupation in Gaza. It emphasized war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity as defined by international law and agreements.

The signatories expressed their surprise at the silence of Arab and Islamic countries, which contribute to the blockade and hinder aid to the people of Gaza. They called on Kuwait’s government to use its international relationships and capabilities to end the aggression and hold the usurping entity accountable. The statement also mentioned that “South Africa,” Turkey, and Malaysia have taken legal action against the Zionist entity, accusing it of genocide in Gaza. Various components in Kuwait, including associations, leagues, parties, and groups, have signed the statement.

The complaint filed by Chilean lawyers against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Criminal Court highlights allegations of crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes committed in Gaza. The group, led by former ambassador Nelson Hadad and supported by Chilean senators, aims to bring attention to the ongoing crimes and the need for accountability. In addition, Kuwait has issued a statement urging its government to join the lawsuit filed by “South Africa” against “Israel,” expressing concern about the silence of the international community and calling for an end to the aggression in Gaza.