Controversial Israeli Bill Seeks to Fire Academics for ‘Supporting Terror,’ Sparking Claims of McCarthyism and Democracy Erosion

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israel’s education minister and the national union of students have endorsed a draft law which critics, including leaders of the country’s top universities, are condemning as a restrictive measure on academic freedom and an echo of historic McCarthyist tactics. The proposed legislation, which has passed the first of four required readings by the Knesset, would empower a government-appointed committee to dismiss academic staff found to be expressing “support for terror.” Under the draft law, if universities failed to comply with dismissals ordered by this committee, they would face potential cuts in funding. … Read more

Israeli Lawyer Defies Violent Opposition and Returns to UC Berkeley to Deliver Speech on Freedom of Speech and Discourse

BERKELEY, Calif. — An Israeli lawyer whose speech was disrupted by a violent mob at the University of California Berkeley is scheduled to return to campus this evening. Lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, will deliver a revised speech at the event, sponsored by Tikvah Students for Israel and other pro-Israel groups, according to reports. Bar-Yoshafat’s new remarks will address the protest that led to the cancellation of his original speech. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted Bar-Yoshafat down, causing campus police to escort attendees out the back door of the auditorium. Bar-Yoshafat expressed … Read more

Violent Protesters Target Israeli Speaker’s Return to UC Berkeley: Who Will Take Charge, the Protesters or the University?

Berkeley, California – Israeli lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat is set to return to the University of California, Berkeley after his previous appearance was disrupted by an anti-Semitic mob. The first event, organized by pro-Israel student groups and scheduled for late February, was canceled when violent protesters attacked attendees, shouting anti-Semitic slurs and physically assaulting students. Bar-Yoshafat’s upcoming speech on Monday is expected to be met with protests once again. During an interview on CNN, Eliana Johnson, the editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, discussed the previous incident and expressed her concern about who has … Read more

US Reverses Trump Policy, Declares New Israeli Settlements in Palestine Illegal

BUENOS AIRES – The United States has declared that new Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal, reversing the policy set forth by former President Donald Trump. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed disappointment over the announcement made by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, stating that the construction of over 3,300 new Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank goes against the goal of achieving lasting peace. Blinken emphasized that the international community, including both Democratic and Republican administrations, views new settlements as counterproductive and inconsistent with international law. This starkly contrasts with … Read more