Ohio Cities File Lawsuit Challenging State Law Stripping Local Tobacco Regulations

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Filing a lawsuit on Wednesday, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein is leading a legal challenge against a recently passed state law that aims to strip away the authority of cities in Ohio to regulate the sale of tobacco products at the local level. This lawsuit is supported by 13 other Ohio cities, including Bexley, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The ban, which is scheduled to take effect on April 23, was approved after lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto of the legislation earlier this year. Under the newly enacted law, Ohio cities would no longer … Read more

States File Lawsuit to Block Biden’s Student-Loan Repayment Plan, Citing Constitutional Concerns and Revenue Loss for Loan Servicer

Jefferson City, Missouri – Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has led six other GOP states in filing a lawsuit to block President Joe Biden’s new student-loan repayment plan. The lawsuit argues that the SAVE income-driven repayment plan, established in July 2023, is unconstitutional and defies a Supreme Court decision that previously blocked Biden’s attempt at broad debt relief. This is the second lawsuit filed so far to block the student-loan repayment plan. The lawsuit specifically takes issue with the early implementation of a provision of the SAVE plan by the Education Department in February. The … Read more

Montreal Parents File $1.5M Lawsuit After Teacher Allegedly Sells Students’ Artwork Online

Montreal, Canada – A group of parents from Westwood Junior High School in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, have filed a lawsuit against an art teacher and the Lester B. Pearson School Board for alleged copyright infringement. The lawsuit comes after students discovered their classroom artwork being sold on the teacher’s personal website. The parents are seeking $1.575 million in damages and punitive damages, with each plaintiff asking for $155,000. The incident has had a significant impact on the students involved, with one parent stating that her daughter no longer wants to pursue a career in art because … Read more

Americans File Lawsuit Against National Park Service Over Cashless Entry Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three Americans have filed a lawsuit against the National Park Service, claiming that the agency’s refusal to accept cash payments for park entry violates federal law. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., asserts that the park service is infringing on the Americans’ right to pay with cash at various parks, monuments, and historic sites across the country. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are from California, New York, and Georgia. They have cited instances where they were denied entry at National Park Service locations in states including Arizona, New York, … Read more