German Human Rights Lawyers Launch Effort to Halt Arms Exports to Israel amidst Genocide Allegations in Gaza

Berlin, Germany – Seven human rights lawyers in Berlin have filed a motion to halt Germany’s arms exports to Israel. The lawyers allege that the German government is complicit in the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by continuing to supply Israel with weapons. This initiative has gained support from multiple non-governmental organizations, including the European Support Legal Center, Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy, and Law for Palestine. It falls under the Justice and Accountability for Palestine Initiative. The lawyers’ motion is based on recent developments in international bodies such as the United Nations (UN) and … Read more

Leaked Recording Reveals UK Government Lawyers Confirm Israel’s Breach of International Humanitarian Law in Gaza

London – The British government has reportedly received legal advice suggesting that Israel has violated international humanitarian law in Gaza, but has not made it public, according to leaked recordings obtained by The Observer. The revelations contradict previous denials and evasions by government ministers on the issue. Conservative chair of the House of Commons select committee on foreign affairs, Alicia Kearns, made these comments at a Tory fundraising event on March 13. Kearns, a former Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence official, has been pressing ministers for transparency regarding the legal advice they have received. … Read more

Israel’s Compliance with International Law: Assurances of Proper Usage of U.S. Weapons in Gaza

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Israeli government has reassured the United States that its military’s use of weapons in the recent conflict with Palestine complied with international law. Israeli officials asserted that their actions during the Gaza conflict were in accordance with the rules of engagement, following accusations of misconduct. The confirmation comes amid growing scrutiny and criticism of Israel’s military tactics. Many countries and organizations raised concerns over the high civilian death toll during the Israeli offensive in Gaza. As a response, the Israeli government released a statement affirming its compliance with international laws governing … Read more

Canadian Lawyers File Lawsuit Against Foreign Affairs Ministry Over Military Exports to Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

TORONTO, CANADA – A group of Canadian lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Canada’s global affairs ministry, alleging the export of military goods and technology to Israel during the Gaza conflict. The lawyers argue that these exports could potentially contribute to human rights violations against Palestinians. Despite the accusations, the Canadian government denies any wrongdoing, stating that the exported goods were “non-lethal” in nature. According to records, Canada has authorized export permits worth at least C$28.5m ($21m) to Israel since the conflict began on October 7. Israel, for its part, defends its actions by citing … Read more