Columbus City Attorney Challenges Ohio Supreme Court to Uphold Cities’ Right to Enact Reasonable Gun Laws

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein has submitted a filing to the Ohio Supreme Court, urging them to address the issue of cities having the power to enact and enforce reasonable gun laws. Klein believes that it is the responsibility of individuals to protect the Second Amendment while also recognizing their duty to ensure responsible gun ownership.

The call for action comes in response to the alarming increase in gun-related homicides in Columbus. In the past year alone, the city witnessed 149 homicides, a figure that surpasses the previous year by 10 cases. Mayor Andrew Ginther and the Columbus Division of Police held a press conference to address the concerning rise in gun violence. Mayor Ginther emphasized the need to remove firearms from the streets, as it would contribute to a safer community.

Klein acknowledges that the city’s efforts to enforce what he deems as “common sense gun laws” have not been successful. He blames the resistance faced from Republican legislators at the state level, including the attorney general and the governor. Determined to overcome these obstacles, Klein has taken the matter to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The City Attorney aims to enforce laws related to the possession and storage of firearms, particularly focusing on preventing them from ending up in the wrong hands, especially children. He points out that guns have been discovered in family homes and the homes of friends, where they should not have been accessible.

One of the issues Klein highlights is the absence of training requirements for adults to own guns in Ohio. He believes that this needs to change, stressing that reducing gun violence goes beyond merely enacting more laws. He advocates for investments in law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and the judicial system, emphasizing the need to incapacitate dangerous individuals who perpetrate violence in communities.

The state will have an opportunity to respond to Klein’s filing before the Ohio Supreme Court decides whether to accept the case. Klein remains optimistic that cities such as Columbus will be granted the ability to establish these “common sense gun laws.”

In summary, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein has pushed for the Ohio Supreme Court to address the power of cities to enact and enforce reasonable gun laws. He aims to tackle the increasing gun violence plaguing Columbus, stressing the importance of responsible gun ownership and the need to remove firearms from the streets. Despite Republican resistance, Klein hopes that the court will consider the merits of their case and allow cities like Columbus to establish common-sense gun laws.