Tackling Gun Violence: Urgent Call for Texas to Enact Red Flag Laws and Save Lives

Uvalde, Texas – A recent report by a Texas House committee has highlighted the tragic consequences of ignoring warning signs in cases of gun violence. The report shed light on a pattern of missed opportunities in preventing multiple mass shootings, providing a compelling argument for the implementation of a red flag law in Texas. The report detailed the disturbing path of a particular attacker who exhibited concerning behavior before committing heinous acts. The individual, who had dropped out of school and shown an interest in violent and gruesome imagery, went on to kill 19 children … Read more

Columbus City Attorney Challenges Ohio Supreme Court to Uphold Cities’ Right to Enact Reasonable Gun Laws

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein has submitted a filing to the Ohio Supreme Court, urging them to address the issue of cities having the power to enact and enforce reasonable gun laws. Klein believes that it is the responsibility of individuals to protect the Second Amendment while also recognizing their duty to ensure responsible gun ownership. The call for action comes in response to the alarming increase in gun-related homicides in Columbus. In the past year alone, the city witnessed 149 homicides, a figure that surpasses the previous year by 10 cases. … Read more