Connecticut Cardiology Practice Faces $14.4 Million Verdict in Negligence Lawsuit after Patient Suffers Catastrophic Injuries

Bridgeport and Fairfield, Connecticut – Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, a medical practice with offices in these cities, is facing a hefty jury verdict after a case that spanned nearly a decade. The practice failed to respond to a request for comment regarding the verdict. The defendants in the case were Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, cardiologist Michael Logue, MD, and radiologic technologist Joyce Giannelli.

The incident at the center of the case occurred in July 2014 when James Griswold, then 58 years old, underwent a nuclear stress imaging test at the practice. Weighing 340 pounds and standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall, Griswold had concerns about the stability of the table. However, healthcare providers at Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists reportedly assured him that larger individuals had successfully undergone the same test using the equipment.

To Griswold’s misfortune, the table made a loud popping noise and the head of the table fell to the floor with sudden force and violence while he was on it. As a result, he suffered injuries to his spine, neck, and back, which later required three surgeries. The initial suit, filed in September 2016, also stated that Griswold developed a blood clot, leading to a stroke and serious neurological injuries that have severely impacted his mobility. He is now unable to walk independently and has lost 100 pounds due to his health issues.

According to the complaint, the lawsuit alleged that the stress test was ordered without the necessary clinical indicators. The jury award in the case included $3 million in economic damages for Griswold, an additional $4 million for pain and suffering, and $2 million for loss of consortium for Mrs. Griswold. The court further added $5.4 million in prejudgment interest.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Madry, stated that a pretrial settlement offer of $2 million had been made in 2016. However, the practice allegedly ignored the offer until the jury began deliberating, at which point it was too late. Madry emphasized the importance of considering fair and reasonable settlement amounts, advising other providers to avoid the costly consequences of proceeding to trial.

For more information on the nearly decade-long case, interested individuals can review additional documents here.