Connecticut Jury Convicts Man in 2020 College Dorm Assault Case

New Britain, Conn. — A Superior Court jury in New Britain found a 22-year-old Columbia resident, Cole Szegda, guilty of first-degree sexual assault last Friday, according to authorities. The verdict came following allegations that Szegda assaulted a fellow student in a dormitory at Central Connecticut State University on October 23, 2020. The incident, which took place within the confines of campus housing, has since drawn significant attention from the local community and advocacy groups focusing on campus safety and sexual assault awareness. Szegda is scheduled to be sentenced on August 29 at the New Britain … Read more

Connecticut Health Giant Faces New Antitrust Suit Over Alleged Price-Fixing, Blocking Affordable Care Options

HARTFORD, Conn. — A new wave of scrutiny surrounds Hartford Healthcare (HHC), spotlighting not only its health services but also its significant influence on Connecticut’s healthcare industry. The conglomerate, criticized for allegedly inflating healthcare costs across the state, now faces a third antitrust lawsuit. This latest legal battle aligns with prior court action from consumers and competing health systems, painting a complex picture of a healthcare giant purportedly leveraging its size to hinder competition and elevate prices. The lawsuit asserts that HHC monopolizes the healthcare market in several Connecticut regions, such as Meriden and Norwich, … Read more

Connecticut Jury Awards Family $15.4 Million in Landmark Medical Malpractice Case

Hartford, CT — A Connecticut jury recently reached a verdict in a high-profile medical malpractice lawsuit, granting a family $15.4 million in damages after a woman tragically passed away due to medical errors. The case has stirred conversation about the need for more stringent medical oversight in the region. In other news affecting local infrastructure, traffic issues have surfaced as two highway lanes were closed for over three hours, causing significant delays during peak commuting hours. Details on the cause of the closure and its eventual resolution remain limited, but the impact on daily commuters … Read more

Connecticut Adjusts Kindergarten Age Requirement and Enhances Student Safety with New Laws Starting July

Hartford, CT – A significant change in kindergarten eligibility that will shift the qualifying birth date to September 1 from December 31 will be implemented starting July 1. This modification is part of several laws coming into effect aimed at enhancing educational and community standards across Connecticut. This policy adjustment aligns Connecticut with other states, addressing concerns from educators about children’s readiness for school. Sen. Douglas McCrory of Hartford, also the co-chair of the state’s Education Committee, emphasized that many educators believe the previous cutoff did not provide young learners enough developmental time before beginning … Read more