Montana Doctor Faces Class Action Lawsuit and Criminal Charges in Patient Sexual Assault Allegations

Missouila, MT — Dr. Tyler James Hurst, formerly associated with Missoula County’s Community Medical Center, stands accused of sexually assaulting multiple patients during his tenure in the emergency room. Allegations, including inappropriate touching and rape, span a period from 2017 to 2023, prompting both legal repercussion and public outcry. The severity of the claims has led to Dr. Hurst’s dismissal and decertification at the medical facility. Following these accusations, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office took action, levying numerous charges against Hurst, including sexual assault and felony sexual intercourse without consent—offenses that could lead to a … Read more

Connecticut Cardiology Practice Faces $14.4 Million Verdict in Negligence Lawsuit after Patient Suffers Catastrophic Injuries

Bridgeport and Fairfield, Connecticut – Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, a medical practice with offices in these cities, is facing a hefty jury verdict after a case that spanned nearly a decade. The practice failed to respond to a request for comment regarding the verdict. The defendants in the case were Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, cardiologist Michael Logue, MD, and radiologic technologist Joyce Giannelli. The incident at the center of the case occurred in July 2014 when James Griswold, then 58 years old, underwent a nuclear stress imaging test at the practice. Weighing 340 pounds and standing at … Read more

Alabama’s Controversial IVF Protection Bill Raises Concerns About Patient Rights and Compensation

Mobile, Alabama – The passage of a bill in Alabama intended to protect the rights of in vitro fertilization (IVF) practices has raised concerns among legal experts. While the bill was meant to provide reassurance to fertility clinics, experts argue that it may inadvertently prevent patients from seeking damages in cases of clinic negligence or product malfunction. The new law grants criminal and civil liability protection to fertility doctors and patients, as well as shields manufacturers of goods used in the IVF process from criminal charges. However, it allows for these companies to still be … Read more

Philadelphia Man Convicted of Medicaid Fraud After Falsely Claiming Home Care for Hospitalized Patient

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Philadelphia man has been convicted of Medicaid fraud and related crimes after falsely claiming to have provided home care for his mother-in-law. The fraudulent activities resulted in the Medicaid program paying over $4,200 for services that were never rendered. The verdict was delivered by a Montgomery County jury following two days of testimony regarding the defendant, Felipe L. Santos, and his deceitful actions between October 2020 and May 2021. Santos, 30, was found guilty of four counts of Medicaid fraud, four counts of tampering with public records, and theft by deception, … Read more