Doña Ana County Residents Take Legal Action Against CRRUA for Unresolved Water Scandal

Doña Ana County residents residing in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa, New Mexico have taken legal action against the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRRUA) over unresolved water issues. The residents have filed a lawsuit seeking justice and holding the utility company accountable for their alleged negligence. After several months of grappling with water problems, including the imposition of a hefty penalty of nearly $300,000 on CRRUA, the affected residents have decided to take legal recourse.

Concerns have been raised about the presence of harmful substances, such as arsenic, in the water supply. Residents claim that they were not informed about the potential health risks associated with consuming contaminated water, such as possible organ damage. One resident expressed their disappointment, stating that the utility company knew about the dangers but failed to disclose the information, and called for the resignation of those responsible.

In response to the growing discontent, CRRUA held a board meeting to discuss the ongoing water issues and their efforts to address them. During the meeting, representatives from the law firms of Israel S. Chavez and Markwoski Ruvalcaba spoke on behalf of the residents, highlighting their concerns of civil rights violations. The attorneys allege that the agencies were aware of the dangerously high pH levels in the CRRUA water supply due to equipment failures, yet failed to inform the residents.

The attorneys argue that residents unknowingly consumed and used contaminated water for an extended period, potentially leading to health issues. Citing more than a decade of unacceptable conditions, one attorney from the Marwoski Ruvalcaba law firm emphasized the urgency of the situation. Meanwhile, residents expressed their relief that legal action is being taken and emphasized the importance of holding someone accountable.

While CRRUA declined to comment on the lawsuit, citing ongoing litigation, it was revealed that they will strive to form a new board. This development comes amidst mounting pressure from the affected residents for decisive action to resolve the water issues.

In conclusion, Doña Ana County residents in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa have taken the CRRUA to court over their alleged negligence in addressing water problems. The lawsuit filed by the residents aims to seek justice and accountability for the harm caused by the utility company.